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Trust Structure

In 2016 Parkside Community Trust, Autism Anglia and Notre Dame High School were incorporated as a Board of Trustees known as The Wherry School Trust.  The Trust is no longer directly linked to these organisations, although we are delighted that we have maintained close links with these organisations, and that St John The Baptist MAT continues to support the school as an educational partner; Trustee Members come from a number of organisations, including representatives from parent and school staff, with the purpose to direct and overview the work of the Trustees (Governors) and the school.  The school was established as a free school to meet an identified a gap in provision for mainstream ability pupils with Autism. More information about The Wherry Trust Trustees is available here.

The Wherry School  Trust’s articles of association  set out conditions determining the minimum number of trustees the trust will have. The Wherry School Trust, in line with the guidance set out in the Academy Trust Handbook has reserved places for parents, carers or other individuals with parental responsibilities in their governance structure; The Wherry School Trust will hold elections to fill these places, as appropriate.  As The Wherry School Trust is a Single Academy Trust there are TWO places on the Trust Board (known Locally as Governors) allocated to these positions.

From 1 March 2022 any newly appointed senior executive leader can only be a trustee if the members decide to appoint them as such, the senior executive leader agrees and the trust’s articles permit it.  

The Department For Education's strong preference is for no other employees to serve as trustees, nor for trustees to occupy staff establishment roles on an unpaid voluntary basis, in order to retain clear lines of accountability.

As the appointment of all Trustees to the school pre-dates the review period set out in the Academy Handbook, it has been agreed that the current terms for Trustees is completed, either to end of agreed term or to point whereby a staff member resigns this post, whichever is earlier.  A full review of the Trust Board will occur at this point.

The school Trust Board currently includes:

The Principal/Accounting Officer

1 Staff Member

The Wherry School Trust Documents

Letter from Lord Nash to Mr Barry Payne regarding The Wherry School

Wherry A of A

Wherry School

Information about the current trustees, including Register of Business Interests

Information about the Governance Structure and Scheme of Delegation