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School Staff Structure


Staffing Structure - Autumn Term 2021

The Wherry School Trust:

Chair of Governors: Barry Payne (2021+)

Principal:  Rachel Quick

Accountability: Whole school progress supported by SLT

Accounting Officer Role as defined in Academy Finance Handbook

School Designated Safeguarding Lead: Looked After Child Lead:

Leadership Team: From September 2021 onwards:

Vice Principal: Dani Williams

Designated Safeguarding Lead:  Overview of Heads of Phase

Clinical Professional liaison lead - Informal Curriculum Lead


 Assistant Principal:

Colin Wheelhouse

Assessment and Accountability: Whole School - Securing Accountability

Subject/Class responsibility

Overview of standards - Formal Curriculum

Assistant Principal:

Tracy Waterfield

Whole School Student Welfare, Wellbeing and Behaviour Lead

Liaison with AP

Tier 3 Pupil Lead/Class responsibility

Accountability: Secondary T3 pupil attainment and progress


Chief Finance Officer:

Jane Stringer - 0.2fte

As defined in Academy Finance Handbook

Legal Adviser: Dr Tina Davey


Head of Phase KS3 - Senior Leader:

Sarah Baker

Head of KS3

Accountability: KS3 attainment and progress

Student Welfare, Wellbeing Support

Support SENCO role for KS3

Head of Phase/Senior Leader KS4-5:

Vicky McKenzie

Head of KS4/5

Accountability: KS4/5

Student Welfare, Wellbeing Support

Support SENCO role for KS4/5

Non-Teaching Role: 

Inclusion Manager, Pastoral Support and Intervention Staff: 

Intervention Manager – Ms Meike Stepp 

Head of Phase/Senior Leader:

Holly Black

Interim Head of Primary Phase -

Alison Ward

Accountability: Primary KS1-2 attainment and progress

Support SENCO role for KS1/2

School Business Administrator:

Alex Gotte

Accountability: Administration staff management: HR: Finance administration: overview of site staff

Other roles:

SENCO: Named SENCO for school - Ms Meike Stepp:

Assistant SENCO: Mrs Crumpton


*Child Welfare team member

Year 7 teacher

Lee Calderbank (QTS)

Clinical Lead - Educational Psychologist

Dr Sue Ackerley* - EPSS

Intervention Manager

Meike Stepp (UQTS)

Key Stage 1 lower KS2 teacher

Emma Oakes (QTS)

Emily Hewett (UQTS) - SCIIT

Site Manager

Scott Woodrow

Timothy Lee

Year 7 teacher

Tim Ecclestone (QTS)

Clinical Psychologist 0.3 fte

PBS lead

Dr Amelia Eleftheriades*

Tier 3 Lead Teacher 

Tracy Waterfield *(QTS)

Lower Key Stage 2 Teachers

Jack Kelleher (ECT)

Parent Specialist Support Adviser – EHCP admin support (Primary)

Melanie Antill 

Maths specialist teacher

Maths Instructor

Sarah Baker (QTS)

Jenny Hill  (QTS)

Alex Taylor (QTS)


specialist Adviser – 0.4fte

Communication Specialist Teacher

Su Sengupta - Respectrum

Kelly Gamble - Respectrum 

Extended Schools Manager

Reece Morgan*

Upper Key Stage 2 – nurture group

Imogen Harvey* (QTS)

Parent Specialist Support Adviser – EHCP admin support (Secondary)

Jo Pollack

English Specialist Teacher

Andrew Crass (QTS)

Speech and language Therapist – 0.2fte

Rebecca Gardner - EPSS

SRB Outreach support

Stephanie Gallard

Upper Key Stage 2 – Y6

Alison Ward (QTS) - 0.6 fte

Brian Slack - 0.4 fte

Office Admin support

Nichola Pickering

Sarah Liddiard

English Instructor

Becky Hart (UQTS) - SCIIT

Senior Occupational Therapist – 0.2fte

Vicki Bowden - Open Arms 

S2S Support lead

Imogen Harvey*

Tier 3 Lead Teacher

Jonny Lawes (QTS)

Cleaning support 

Vertas contract

MFL - French

French Language support

Mrs Crumpton (QTS)

Natasha Duval (UQTS)

Occupational Therapist 

Emma Hollis - Open Arms

S2S Support staff 

Dani Winteringham

Holly Black (EYFS)

Tracy Waterfield

Imogen Harvey*

Class Support Staff

Annie Lyst

Sophie Wright

Lottie Ackerley

Linda Cabral

Georgie Bateman

Jodie Coleman 0.6fte

Cheryll O’Neill 

Annie Rowe

Lynsey Grainger Melissa Ringwood

Alabama Thompson (Apprentice)

Cleaner – caretaking support 

Science Specialist Teacher

Stephanie Gallard (QTS)

Alice Fisher (NQT)

Occupational Therapy Assistant OTA – 0.4fte + Therapy dog

Therapy Dog

Dawn Paul

Barry the Dog

Maisie Dog

Other Outreach support:

Rachel Quick - Local Leader of Education (LLE)

Cover Supervisor

Lauren Kirk*

Yasmin Desborough

Leanne Davison (Medical) Ashleigh Jenkinson*

Sarah Knight* 

Exam Officer

Melanie Antill

Art Specialist Teacher

Photography Teacher

Rosie Tallent (UQTS)

Evie Durant

Sensory Integration Practitioner (OT) – 0.4 fte

Kate Broughton

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Hattie Beckett-Allen* 

Post 16 Staff

Year 12 teacher/s

Vicky McKenzie

Natasha Duval

Natalie Henry

Jacqui King

Psychology Specialist Teacher

Vicky McKenzie (QTS)

Communication lead/Play Therapist

Forest School Practitioner

Kelly Corley

Ashleigh Jenkinson*

Extended Schools Staff FTE (F)

Christopher Lightfoot

Jacqui King

Reece Morgan

Careers Lead 

Rosie Tallent

Natasha Duval

History Teacher

Adrian Watts (QTS)

Lifeguard: Lead Swimming staff

Ashleigh Jenkinson:  Alabama Thompson

Rachel Quick: Tracy Waterfield: Dani Williams: Sarah Liddiard: Rescue Award Level

Class based staff

RPE Teacher 

RHSE Teacher

James McGarry (QTS)

Becky Hart (UQTS)  SCIIT


Other Posts:

  • Holly Black - Maternity Leave - Primary Phase Leader
  • Kathryn Fox - Maternity Leave - Primary Class Teacher 
  • Jess Morris - Maternity Leave - Primary Support Staff

IT/IMedia Teacher

Colin Wheelhouse

Catering and Hospitality 

Jacqui King

Support Staff  

Eppie Loades-Vincent:  Bayley Norton-Butcher: Hannah Baker: Joan Latta: Finn Dady: Mark Howard: Max Bumfrey: Steve Powley: Andrea Mackie:  Kate Bloomfield: Shelley Abigail: Ayuka Davis: Dani Carter: Alistair Stanley: Donna Blackman: Harry Waterfield:  Aydan Birkett: Karla Snowling

Cover Supervisor

Evie Durant:  Georgia Plumb: Kirsty Copping: Sarah Knight *: Chris Lightfoot:  Amy Cann:  Jacqui King:  Sharon Parr:  Sarah Allen: 

High Level Teaching Asst

Sally-Ann Mildenhall *:  Donna Medcalf:  Helen Gifford: 


Role definitions:


·        School Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

·        To lead with Principal Whole School Quality of Education Action Plan/Recovery Plan - including teacher development: to support P with the Secondary QoE Action plan implementation

·        Primary Lead (KS1/2 Accountability and Assessment - including scrutiny of Quality of Education - Teaching and Learning for Primary - overview of Quality of Education with Principal and Senior Teacher (below) AP Secondary - for pupils in Secondary Phase

·        Whole School Assessment and Accountability - Informal Curriculum

·        Whole school support for carers/parents

·        To attend Tribunals in the absence of Principal

·        Lead on development of Quality of Education (T&L) - Informal Curriculum and development of ASD appropriate pedagogical approaches, supporting Principal and Clinical Lead

Assistant Principal: Pupil Wellbeing and Behaviour Lead

·        Whole School Pupil wellbeing and Behaviour Support Lead - including reporting to Governors

·        Tier 3 Lead Teacher

·        Liaison with External Providers/AP support

·        Development of Alternative Provision plans for individual pupils - reporting of progress for pupils on AP plans

·        Progress and accountability for Informal Curriculum - Emotional Development, Personal Development and Behaviour and Attitudes of pupils

·        To lead with Vice Principal/Clinical Psychologist on the review of Positive Behaviour Support plans

·        Support Quality of Education (T&L)

Assistant Principal: Securing Accountability/KS4 Lead

·        Support the development of the ASSK curriculum including Assessment, Accountability and Reporting of Curriculum

·        To lead on the development of Individualised learning, assessment and accountability across the school, supported by Heads of Phase for Primary, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4/5:

·        GCSE and Level 1-2 qualification leadership and management of exam process, line management for school Exam Officer: support including reporting and recording, leading monitoring of standards/work scrutiny

·        Support Quality of Education (T&L) - teaching and learning

Senior Teacher: Phase Leader Primary, KS3, KS4-5: supporting pupil learning beyond School

·        Primary/Secondary Phase Quality of Teaching/Learning/Operational Accountability Lead

·        Phase Lead teacher

·        Manage with Principal and Vice Principal the Build Up Plans for pupils in all phases:

·        Informal Curriculum Lead - Y7-8

·        Careers Education teacher support

To support Quality of Education Action Plan/Recovery Plan - including teacher development

Year 12 lead - focus development of Post 16 provision

·        Manage Build Up Plans for pupils in KS4 - manage virtual learning offer for pupils in KS4 (EOTAS)

·        Support Quality of Education (T&L) across KS3-4secondary provision

·        Support the transition of Year 11 pupils into Year 12: to support transition beyond Year 12

·        To develop an age appropriate life skills programme for Year 12 with Vice Principal and Wellbeing lead

School SENCO +  Intervention Lead/DDSL

·        Support and work in partnership with teaching and support staff delivering interventions for pupils - including where this remains appropriate the post Covid Intervention support

·        Collation of progress information, scrutiny of progress information with staff

·        Review of appropriate intervention support for pupils

·        To act for Summer Term 2021 as the SENCO for Secondary Phase

·        To manage EHCP review timetable with Secondary PSSA


Union Officials - Time Off for undertaking union duties