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Find an apprenticeship - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

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Find an apprenticeship

 Apprenticeships are open to anyone over 16-years-old. There is no upper age limit. Apprenticeships allow you to:

  • Work for an employer - it's a real job
  • Earn a salary - some higher level apprenticeships can pay as much as £500 a week
  • Get training - around six hours a week is spent learning the knowledge, skills and behaviours. (You will have less training hours if you work under 30 hours a week). Training forms part of the contracted and paid hours for an apprentice
  • Get valuable workplace experience - to improve your future employability, progression and wages
  • Work with experienced staff and have a dedicated mentor
  • Learn more and find apprenticeship opportunities in Norfolk

Apprenticeships Norfolk

We provide free advice and guidance for apprenticeship seekers and step-by-step support for employers looking to offer apprenticeships. #MadeInNorfolk




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