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Individual learning towards an independent life

Primary Informal Curriculum


The ASSK curriculum is designed to target and develop the individual needs of the students relating to their diagnosis of Autism. This curriculum
is intended to teach students the necessary skills to allow them to be successful students, and later, adults within their community.


As highlighted in the Whole Primary curriculum overview, ASSK is delivered at 2 points in the school day. On arrival to school primary school children are encouraged to partake in breakfast within the classroom where a range of functional skills, overseen by an Occupational Therapist, are targeted to develop independence. Following this children will have the opportunity to engage in a sensory motor programme. The students then attend sessions related to their individual targets, this may be further functionals skills, Speech and Language intervention,

Attention Autism and THRIVE

The school day ends with an ASSK session, these may be a teacher devised learning sessions or published programmes/interventions to develop the students' social and communication skills whilst developing a self awareness and understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe.
This is delivered through;
● 2 Talkabout sessions,
● 2 PATHs lessons (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) and,
● 1 PSHE lesson following the ‘Fiona Spiers PSHE programme for Learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorders’.
Each Primary class have one lesson a week named ‘Learning through Play’. This is supported and overseen by an Educational Psychologist. Each half term this session has a focus that builds on the previous. This session is designed to allow students to apply, extend and embed skills learnt through the ASSK curriculum.

The National Curriculum, formal curriculum, is delivered in a way that allows students further opportunities to apply these skills.

Students that are unable to access the formal curriculum have a bespoke informal curriculum designed by the class team alongside the Clinical team. The ASSK curriculum is used to develop a range of skills including learning to learn, emotional and physical regulation in order to support them moving towards a formal curriculum.

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