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Our children enjoy being part of the school community and we wear a simple uniform which allows the children to feel part of The Wherry School community, yet is responsive to sensory needs that many children have, which can mean that clothing choices can feel restrictive and uncomfortable.  

Our school uniform has been chosen with consideration for how clothing feels, how it can support children with their modification of behaviour and help with coping in school on a day-to-day basis, for example, the children can use the hood of the school “zoodies” to block noise, or to indicate how a child is feeling.  

Although we offer uniform options with logos, children can wear uniform options in similar colours from other providers.  National suppliers of ASD friendly uniform options include:

Uniform List 

What to wear to school:

This can be black or grey skirts, black or grey trousers.  Tops can be white/sky blue poloshirts or shirts/blouses.

The colours for the sweatshirts are 

  • Royal Blue for the Primary phase and 
  • Navy for the secondary phase.  
  • We also have on our order form  zip up fleeces which are Navy across the school.  Please note that the sizes are slightly different from the sweatshirts.

P.E. Kit

The recommended P.E. kit for children would 

  • white or blue t-shirts and 
  • either black or blue shorts.  
  • Children may wear polo shirts for P.E. if they wish and footwear can be some form of trainer.

Outdoor and winter PE – children can wear 

  • a tracksuit,
  •  additional sweatshirt to ensure that they are warm during play – 
  • trainers are required for sports on the 3/4G pitches at Goals.

Swimming Kit – our children will swim during the year; children will need suitable comfortable swimwear, swimming hats and googles can be worn at the pool – children can also wear “rash vests” or t-shirts if they wish to ensure greater coverage

Secondary Physical Enrichment Programme:

In the Secondary Phase, PE is delivered through a physical enrichment programme: there are clothing suggestions for the activities, which can vary.  Please see the programme for activities and clothing.

Physical Enrichment Programme for 2019/20