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Primary Curriculum

Overview of the Formal Primary Curriculum at The Wherry School (linked to the National Curriculum 2014)


Our school is a purpose built facility to support learners with Autism.  Our school strives to provide a calm and supportive environment where all students can thrive.  The intent of our curriculum is to provide students with the skills and knowledge that prepares them for adult life and to be a successful member of their community.  As well as promoting the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of our students, the curriculum is designed to develop students social communication skills to a level that allows them to learn to regulate and therefore in turn access learning.  The school’s Autism Specific Skills and Knowledge (ASSK) curriculum aims to provide students with toolkits for learning to learn, alongside the development of emotional and physical regulation. Students are able to access the National Curriculum as well as our ASSK Curriculum in order to develop functional literacy and numeracy skills, develop independence within life skills and, where appropriate, achieve qualifications and academic milestones in line with their mainstream peers.


The school day starts and ends with a lesson from the ASSK curriculum.  Students are encouraged to engage in a range of activities each morning that is focussed on their personal targets and EHC plans. Students end the day by engaging in lessons that teach and develop the students social, communication and friendship skills. 

In the Primary school we teach the National curriculum using a range of teaching methods to engage and inspire students across the curriculum.  Lessons are planned to include opportunities to apply and link skills learnt through the ASSK curriculum. Lessons are developed to meet the individual needs and interests of the students in each class.  The whole of primary school follow a half termly topic that has an overarching ‘Big question’ that is designed to encourage students’ curiosity and enquiry. Students have the opportunity to be immersed in their learning through offsite trips and enrichment weeks as well as the use of the school immersion room that is linked to each topic.  


Our goal is for all our students to achieve their maximum potential whilst being ready to transition to learning in the Secondary School.  We monitor the impact of the National Curriculum through Statutory National Curriculum Assessments (SATS) at the end of each Key Stage , annual GL assessments and through termly Teacher Assessments using the assessment tool Target Tracker.  Students progress across the ASSK curriculum is measured through a range of tools including AET, Talkabout, continuums and annual EHCP reviews - please see Overview of ASSK for more information. Each student has an Individual Learning Plan and parents and carers are encouraged to review these with teachers 5 times a year.


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