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Individual learning towards an independent life

Occupational Therapy Support

Our Occupational Therapist has put together a PowerPoint about Interoception, which is a lesser-known sense that helps us understand and feel what is going on within our bodies and is linked to feelings and emotional responses.  Many children and young people with Autism can struggle with interoception.  The following PowerPoint has been written to help children and young people develop their own understanding of their own emotions and feelings and how Autism affects emotions, responses and feelings.



Our school commissioned  Occupational Therapists from Open Arms Support Services (OASS), Nikki Findlay and Vicky Bowden, have created a web-app with a variety of sequencing songs, written in conjunction with a music therapist; these songs are for activities of daily living such as getting washed, dressed, teeth cleaning etc. 
These songs have been written to support children/ young people to be more independent and hopefully, to create more harmonious routines when undertaken functional activities.