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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists have an understanding of sensory processing and can use this knowledge to support a better ‘fit’ between the person, their occupation and their environment. This knowledge can be used to support pupils and their families in understanding the sensory needs of the child and therefore, provides an increased/ alternative view of behaviour. 

At The Wherry School, the Occupational Therapists support those learners who have a functional need and sensory processing difficulties may or may not underpin difficulties in participating in their occupations.  

There are two Occupational Therapists working within The Wherry School, both of whom have, to different levels, postgraduate training in Sensory Integration theory and practice. The school itself, offers a range of adapted environments and regular participation in activities to support and encourage engagement in learning. For example; a calming room is available where the environment has been modified to facilitate relaxation by the user being able to modify their sensory experiences.