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Individual learning towards an independent life


At The Wherry School we are seeking to play our part in helping our students access employment by providing them with the skills and knowledge they require to thrive in a place of work. Our careers curriculum plays an integral part in achieving this aim by providing students with meaningful encounters with employers and a variety of experiences of the workplace. We aim to work closely with providers and employers to develop an increased understanding of autism and the adjustments that can be made to enable autistic people to access a place of work successfully.

Our careers programme is in place to ensure that all young people at The Wherry School have opportunities to acquire and develop the skills needed for Higher Education, apprenticeships, employment and training. We do this by providing tailored guidance that makes a difference to young people’s lives, and including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, making sure that we do not promote a narrow view of opportunities.

For our students we will ensure we offer:

  • Informed Choice

Students will be enabled to make informed choices through a variety of experiences in tutorials and through the curriculum.

  • Self-Development

 They have varied opportunities for self-development as they explore career options which are made available to them through a range of activities e.g. Norfolk Skills and Careers Festival, Opportunity Fair and Enterprise Adviser Network. 

  • Self-Awareness/Resilience

They develop an increased understanding of themselves so that they become self-aware, resilient and responsive as they develop skills needed for planning and managing their own career development.

  • Support to explore options

They have support to explore opportunities in work, training and further/higher education.

  • Understand their Options

Students know and understand the full range of career options available to them on completion of their course through the various sources of information and guidance, both within and beyond The Wherry School.

  • Access to changes in policies/programmes

They have access to and are made aware of relevant changes in education, training and employment.

  • Familiarity with online resources

Students know where they can access appropriate information advice and guidance through online resources related to Volunteering, Employment, Work Experience, Higher Education and Apprenticeships.

  • Supported Decisions 

They are supported on decisions relating to next steps and career decisions.

  • Access Career's Info through Tutorials

Students can access relevant careers information and preparation for employment through bespoke tutorials.


Role of our Governing Body:

In line with Section 42A of the Education Act 1997, our governing body is aware of its statutory duty to:

  • Ensure all registered pupils of the school are provided with independent careers guidance from year 8 onwards.
  • Ensure careers guidance is presented in an impartial manner.
  • Ensure careers guidance includes information on the range of education or training options.
  • Ensure careers guidance promotes the best interest of the pupils to whom it is given.
  • Provide clear advice and guidance to the head teacher on which they can base a strategy.
  • Ensure arrangements are in place to allow a range of education and training providers to access all pupils from year 8 onwards, to ensure students are aware of the routes available to them at transition.

How we measure the impact of our careers programme - The Gatsby Benchmarks

In 2014, Lord Sainsbury’s Gatsby Charitable Foundation published a report by Professor Sir John Holman, Adviser in Education at the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, titled “Good Career Guidance.” 

The report identified eight benchmarks that are the core dimensions of good careers and enterprise provision in schools: 

  1. A stable careers programme 
  2. Learning from career and labour market information 
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil 
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers 
  5. Encounters with employers and employees 
  6. Experiences of workplaces 
  7. Encounters with further and higher education 
  8. Personal guidance 

The Gatsby Benchmarks have a key role in:

  • Raising young people’s aspirations and promoting access to all career pathways.
  • Enabling all young people to develop the skills and outlook they need to achieve career wellbeing, including adaptability and resilience.
  • Underpinning the Department for Education guidance to schools on meeting their statutory responsibility for careers guidance. 


You can view our latest self-assessment against The Gatsby Benchmarks by clicking here.


Based on our self-assessment against The Gatsby Benchmarks we have produced a Careers and Enterprise Strategic Plan. You can view this by clicking here.


Our Careers Team  

Whilst careers and enterprise information, advice and guidance is the responsibility of all staff at The Wherry School we have a designated Careers Team who are responsible for delivering our careers programme across the eight Gatsby Benchmarks. 

Key Careers and Enterprise Contacts:

Role: Careers Leader 

Name: Rachel Quick

Email address: principal@thewherryschool.co.uk 

Telephone Number: 01603 629440


Role: Careers Facilitator

Name: Rosie Tallent

Email address: rosietallent@thewherryschool.co.uk  

Telephone Number: 01603 629440


Role: Careers Link Governor

Name: Jennifer Mangkusasono

Contact: Please speak with the school office


Parents, students, employers and anyone wishing to contact the school about careers can also use our Careers Forms to make contact.