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Children who require support with Phonics are taught using the Bug Club Phonics Scheme of work. This is delivered as a whole class approach in KS1 and using group intervention alongside precision teaching for children who may still need to develop their phonetic awareness in KS2.  We recognise that many pupils with a diagnosis of Autism do not learn to read using a synthetic phonics approach, where sounds are taught in isolation – therefore the teaching of reading and phonic development is enhanced through personalised learning programmes where pupils are given opportunities to play games with sounds, listen to sounds and use a variety of support materials and IT based provision.

English lessons in Primary are based around aspects of the Talk for Writing approach, with teachers using high quality texts to facilitate discussion and writing. We recognise that pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorders may struggle with imaginative and creative writing.; in response to this teachers use shared and guided writing to develop our learners’ skills to write creatively and powerfully. 

For further information on the Primary English Curriculum please see Overview of Formal Primary Curriculum.