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Clinical Professionals Health Model

The Wherry is a free school providing mainstream education for primary and secondary aged children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC).  All students also have an Educational and Health Care Plan (EHCP). The Wherry was established in September 2017 and recognises that holistic education where children and young people are taught both academic studies and life skills is essential.  Therefore, The Wherry commissions a healthcare team with the aim of providing a seamless and joined up approach between education and healthcare. 

The professional disciplines commissioned by The Wherry are as follows:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Specialist Autism Advisor

These healthcare professionals provide 110 hours of clinical/healthcare intervention on a weekly basis.  With 66  children on role at The Wherry this equates to approximately 1.5 hours of clinical time per child.  There is a significant need within Norfolk to provide more education establishments like The Wherry School as the number of applications for children to attend The Wherry far exceeds the number of places available. The possible reasons underpinning this is a topic for a different document, however, it highlights the need for an efficient and effective healthcare model within The Wherry. The calculation above detailing the number of healthcare intervention hours each child would receive, is of course incredibly crude and has only been calculated in this manner to highlight the need for an effective working model.  It does not account for complex assessments, differentiation between professional disciplines and children who require input from multiple disciplines etc. However, in practical terms these variables all need great consideration and The Wherry Healthcare Model has been designed to maximise the input that students have from every healthcare discipline.