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Individual learning towards an independent life


All pupils at The Wherry School have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and have a Mainstream Cognitive Profile (able to access the mainstream National Curriculum with minimum intervention and support, well above, above, average ability, slightly below average ability range, cognitive ability to be assessed by Educational Psychologists or appropriate ASD specialist support professional). 

They are also the subject of an EHCP under the Children and Families Act 2014. 

The plan, along with notification of medical diagnosis (including reference to recognition of need at the relevant Multi-Disciplinary ASD Panel and relevant reports from associated professionals and organisations) indicates the pupil's primary need as ASD and the level of learning and other associated difficulties. This makes it necessary for the school to provide an alternative or modified curriculum which meets the differentiated needs of the pupil. 

That the school can meet the needs of the pupil as identified in professional reports.

Admissions Selection

Placement Preference papers for admission are collated by Norfolk EHCP co-ordinators.

The school identifies vacancies within the school.  

The Local Authorities Admissions lead officer organises a co-ordinated admissions meeting in the Autumn Term at which Special School Principals/Head Teachers and Special Education Needs Officers review papers and consider suitability and placements options for pupils.  

Admissions selection is based primarily on pupil need balanced against the need to maintain stable curriculum provision within schools.

It is also essential to take into consideration the balance of needs within each year group.  

Long Term Internal class organisation

The needs of the pupils and specialised facilities demand small class sizes.  To allow for a broad and balanced curriculum the school aims to organise its classes as follows: -

  • Total school population when full - 100 pupils. 
  • Vacancies in the School can be filled as appropriate.
  • Classes will aim to be 6 Pupils per class

Norfolk County Council SEND Offer