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Individual learning towards an independent life

What is assk (Autism specific skills & Knowledge)

Functioning as part of a group with positive group dynamics facilitates social learning and self-awareness (Maz & Sims, 1991), this informs the school pedagogical Informal Curriculum (ASSK) approach, which has a significant role for all the individual pupils in the school, helping them develop the skills necessary for emotional regulation, resilience and executive functioning skills such as problem solving, alongside targeted speech, language and communication support, motor skills and sensory processing sensorimotor programmes. 

These are all non-academic elements of learning, which The Wherry School monitors via the Informal Curriculum and ASSK (Autism Specific Skills and Knowledge Continuums). 

Secure understanding and accruement of these skills are vital for the development of academic learning and success beyond school. 

The ASSK Process