Transition Day – July 10th 2017

We are delighted to be able to confirm that The Hewett School will be supporting our children to host a transition day, within the Hewett School (South Site) and also incorporating a visit to the school. We will have an opportunity to be taken around the school by Mr Chris Clifton, who is the Project Manager for Kier Construction, who are building and co-ordinating the construction of the school.

We have written to all of the feeder schools, where the children are currently at school to let them know the arrangements. We have asked the schools if they are able to release a known Teacher or teaching assistant to support the children on this day, and parents have also been invited to join us too. We will be writing to all of the children in the very near future to invite them to the school and confirm the arrangements and timings. We are all excited to show the children the school site – but please do remember that the school is not quite finished, we are still working completely to plan and expect to be ready to welcome staff on Monday 4th September and the children on Monday 11th September.